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GetApk: The getApk is among the leading app stores that provide the paid apps for free for the Android mobile devices. The way of working of the GetApk is based on the two methods. They are either accessing it through its official website or by using the app of the GetApk which is also available for free. After the installation of the APK in the Android Device, the users of the GetApk can directly explore and download any apps. It is not the provider of the apps not only for the Android devices but also for the app developers also. GetApk

The GetApk will be surely a great use for those who are developing the apps, as it will allow you to submit your apps to the GetApk. However, to make use of this benefit, the users need to create an account with GetApk. Moreover, the best thing about it is, when you are unable to find any app on any store, you can easily get it from the GetApk. Simply you need to tell the GetApk, and that will bring the app for you.

Best Alternatives for GetApk to Download on PC

1. Blackmart Alpha


The Blackmart Alpha is a superb app store that allows you to download all the free apps on your Android phone and tablet device. It can also be used as a substitute for the Google Play Store which is the biggest app assortment for Android users. The way of working of Blackmart Alpha is different from most of the Android apps providers.

2. MoboRobo


The MoboRobo is said to be one of the most popular Android smartphone PC managers. It is also the provider of the tons of apps for free of cost. The MoboRobo has the robust market for the Android applications that are many a time different to those that you encounter on the Android apps market of the Google Play Store.

3. F-Droid


The F-Droid is an app store for all the Android devices where the Android users can explore and download the apps. Along with the providing of free apps, F-Droid provides those apps as well those are open source. This open source system of F-Droid makes the users able to examine the code of the apps to enhance their development and programming knowledge.

4. 1Mobile Market


1Mobile Market is one of the best app stores to get the newest apps and games.  You can also discover a great assortment of apps and games at 1Mobile Market. Moreover,  the downloading of the apps and games is so easy with the 1Mobile Market comparatively.

5. Amazon App Store


The Amazon App Store is an app store for the Android and Kindle devices that are being managed by the Amazon. In this store, instead of listing the apps of the Google Play Store it gives you about the  Amazon App Store deals in the providing of its own developed apps only.

6. AndroidPIT


AndroidPIT is the independent application store for all the Android operating systems. It is the independent app store that lists the most of the apps on the Google Play Store provides own developed applications for the Android users. AndroidPIT is a not a dedicated platform for getting the apps but also deals with the recent Android news, newly launched apps, hardware problems.

7. SlideME



The  SlideME is an independent app for the Android devices only. In that, you can find the level of apps that are even hard to explore at the large app platform of the Google Play Store. SlideME is an excellent marketplace for the Android users with a lot of free apps and games from almost all popular app categories.

8. AppBrain


The AppBrain is among the leading Android apps directories over the internet. It is the giant platform of millions of the Android apps. In addition to these, AppBrain also deals in the management of apps as well. The best feature of AppBrain is that it even allows the users to share the apps downloaded from the AppBrain to their friends as well.

9. GetJar


The GetJar is an independent app provider for the multiple mobile operating systems. It gives more importance to the Android devices than the other devices. It is a platform which is particularly developed to provide the apps and games to use on mobile operating systems. In addition to the other apps, GetJar deals in the themes, APK, games, and lot of other stuff as well.

10. Opera Mobile Store


Opera Mobile Store is a browser-based app for the Android mobile operating systems. In addition to the Android, you can also get the apps for the other mobile operating systems that are also available at the Opera Mobile Store. But the number of the Androids apps are more than the apps of other operating systems.


Overall, the Getapk is an amazing Google PlayStore alternative. It gives you the access to download all the apps that are available on PlayStore for free of cost. Moreover, it is easily available on the internet for you to download.  One important fact about it is, the app is easy to operate for anybody familiar with the Android devices. In some situations, it is a better choice than the Google PlayStore.

Download Get APK on PC 

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