QooApp apk Android/iOS/PC [Latest Version] Free Download

QooApp apk Android/iOS/PC [Latest Version] Free Download: Downloading games is not a rocket science whether it may be English games. Just you need to open google play store, download it and then install it. But downloading of games that are restricted to some specific regions are a little bit difficult. Because the restriction for some specific regions makes the things difficult. Developers of some games usually block their downloading in some regions. Along with this language is also another problem. The reason for restricting the games is because the developers need to translate the games into different languages, update it and enhance it according to the country’s rule and regulation.

Qooapp apk free download for Android, iOS, and PC

But in this highly developed technical world, there are ways to install Asian apps and game from Chinese, Korean and Japanese play store. Some people think of using a third-party app to download these games. But in that case, those online sites are not free from virus. In that case, your apk file might be virus affected. So in such circumstances, there are two ways. One is to change VPN of the phone can be changed to another country’s IP address. Another is using Qooapp apk, which is simple as well as safe. This article will cover Qooapp apk English. This app will surely change the life of gamers to simple as it allows to download all most all games from the Asian market.

Qooapp apk free download for Android, iOS, and PC

Let’s know what is Qooapp first. For google play store Qooapp is an alternative to the app market for downloading all the latest games from Korea, Japan, and China. The latest QooApp APK English also supports the Indie games. It is very safe to use as downloading of games are very easy here as we download all the games directly from the Google play server.

Qooapp apk free download for Android, iOS, and PC

For Asian video games it is one -stop destination. From Qooapp iOS apk easily plenty of games can be downloaded to the smartphone and tablets as well. Even the games inspired by Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Saint Seiya and much more popular franchise can also be downloaded easily.

There is no need of sign up or registration to download games via Qooapp apk. The only thing you need to do is just select the games that you like to download, tap on the game icon, then select the download option and start downloading. After the download process is complete install it and enjoys your favorite game.

For the locked games on iPhone or iPad, QooApp is one of the most alternative. Most games those are available in  QooApp iOS apk are in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Features of QooApp apk

  • It has latest Chinese, Japanese game

  • One of the best parts of QooApp is though it provides Chinese and Japanese games, the app interface is in English
  • It provides realistic and high graphics games
  • Games available here are not so big but the games are awesome
  • Interface of QooApp apk is very beautiful
  • As per your interest, you can join and contribute different groups available there
  • Creation of your own group is also possible here
  • You will get notification of list of upcoming games where you can be the first registered user
  • You can also participate in live game events

How to download QooApp for free 

As QooApp is a third party app for the Androids. Hence it bypasses the regions and allows to download Japanese games. There is also risks of the virus with downloading of games/apps with this Qooapp. So download it at your own risk while using it for downloading games. It is also not available on Google Play. So follow the below step if you are downloading it.

Qooapp apk free download for Android, iOS, and PC

  • Directly it can be downloaded to PC  or Android or can be transferred through USB.
  • After downloading run and install it in your device.
  • After its installation, launch the app and start downloading the locked apps.


Currently, the international version of Qooapp apk is available that supports 11 foreign languages along with English. Hence separate Qooapp apk English version is not required. So irrespective of your location, if you are interested to play Asian apps on your device and you have Qooapp apk on your device, then it will merely change the google play location through VPN and will allow playing the desired games.


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